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Mission Statement

The foundation of all the work in this Church is grounded in the belief that Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour and that all people need to come to a personal faith in Him and experience the reality of His presence in their lives. Outreach is our priority.
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Callington Methodist Church
Haye Road
PL17 7DJ
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Revd David Moss
Tel: 01579 383274
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(Children and Families Worker at Callington & Gunnislake Methodist Circuit)
Please contact me or Rev'd David Moss if you have any pastoral or practical needs at this time. 01579 388840
Children and Families
Hi everyone, I hope you are well.  I was thinking about what I was missing during this unusual time we are living in.  I think it is meeting people for a chat, a coffee or lunch, visiting our Primary Schools with assemblies and Open the Book and also I'm missing all my friends at church.  A young boy called Arthur who is 8 years old was really missing his favourite school dinner!  I wonder if you are missing your school dinners??  This is what he wrote to his Head Teacher, asking for the 'secret' recipe for Mince and Dumplings as his Dad had tried to make it but it was really bad!  Luckily the Head was able to contact the dinner staff and got the 'secret' recipe for Arthur. 
Is there any sort of food you have tried for the first time during this crisis?  Maybe it was because what you normally eat wasn't available.  All the people working in the food industry to make sure we can get food have been doing an amazing job and we must make sure we say thank you.
Our Bible story this week is from John's Gospel in the New Testament - chapter 17 verses 1-11 where Jesus talks about glorifying God.  To glorify means to praise, to say thank you, to say how amazing God is for creating the world.  We can think about how our actions can help other people to see how amazing God is. - I hope you enjoy the activities.
A Prayer:
On Good Friday, Jesus died on the cross.  On Easter Sunday, Jesus came back to life.  At the ascension, Jesus went back to heaven. Now we wait for Pentecost; Father send the Holy Spirit to fill our lives and to be with us always. Amen
fun activity sheet
colouring sheet
Join us on the Messy Church Youtube channel to follow the whole virtual trip where we journeyed through the Bible with worship, storytelling, prayer, food for thought and all sorts of Messy fun.
This was on Ascension Day (Thursday 21 May) and we set out on the speediest round-the-world trip ever.  To celebrate the amazing international Messy Church  community and to bring a little joy to the day we set sail (virtually), took off ( in our imaginations) and revved out (digital) feigners or a whole day of Mess!  Starting in the UK and ending in Sweden with lots of other countries in between - a great way to brush up on your geography!