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Later, having read about the prophet Elisha to the Shunamite women (2 Kings 4:8-11 in the Old Testament), Digory added two rooms to the cottage 'the Prophets' Chamber' for the use of Wesley and his preachers.
The cottage became the home of a church plant.  Jesus says: 'Anyone who receives a prophet because he is a prophet will receive a prophets reward Matthew 10:41.  Thank God for all who are in support of our work!
The cottage at Trewint is one of those special spiritual places in Cornwall and once we are out of Lock Down we can make pilgrimage to it again.  
Our Gospel passage Matthew 10: 40-42 gives us the words of Jesus.  He is telling his missionary disciples (by this I mean normal followers, just like us) about the positive support they are likely to get from people in the community.  People who are not necessarily disciples themselves, but are onside, 'people of peace' and will give support. 
My experience is that more people are onside than not and Jesus tells us that such people get rewarded by God. 
In 1743 Rev'd   John Wesley and three companions first entered Cornwall, following the old A30 which in those days was just a track!
They stopped at Trewint, very close to us here, and asked for refreshment at 'the house with the stone porch'. 
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