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The foundation of all the work in this Church is grounded in the belief that Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour and that all people need to come to a personal faith in Him and experience the reality of His presence in their lives. Outreach is our priority.
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Callington Methodist Church
Haye Road
PL17 7DJ
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Revd David Moss
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Christmas thoughts...
Hi everyone, I hope you all and your families have had a great Christmas time and that Santa brought all the things you were wishing for!
I had many lovely presents from my family and friends, some are very useful like hand creams and soaps and others were very yummy like the chocolates and biscuits but the present that really excited me was an Amazon Echo dot!  I set it up the day after Christmas and now whatever information I'm looking for, or a piece of music I would like to hear - all I have to do is ask Alexa!!
But one thing I've learnt about all our Christmas presents is that no matter how much you enjoy receiving them, they don't last.  If you've had new clothes, eventually you will out grow them or they will go out of fashion.  If you had a fun present (like me with my Amazon dot) you will eventually get tired of it - or worse - it could break!  Then there are the sweets and chocolates, you enjoy them for five minutes and then they are gone!
But there is one Christmas gift that is different, it never wears out, you'll never grow out of it, it will never break and will last forever.  It is the gift God has sent us - and that gift is Jesus.
Dear god, we thank you for loving us so much that you gave us the wonderful gift of Jesus.  Help us to accept this amazing gift into our hearts and lives,  Amen.